Barry Ferguson insists he does not want to see Rangers turn their back on Scottish football to join a British League.

Following the collapse of the controversial European Super League, it has been suggested that moves will now be made to entice both Celtic and Rangers to a new-look set-up.

Any offer is likely to be a lucrative one for the Old Firm, who have been at the centre of speculation about a move south of the border for decades.

Reports have indicated there is an ‘appetite for change’ within the Premier League, with chief executive Richard Masters confessing last year that ‘the status quo is not an option’.

But Ferguson, who spent four years in the English Premier League with Blackburn Rovers and Birmingham City, believes his old club should stay part of Scottish football.

The Ibrox icon said: “This is their bread and butter, this is their league, this is where they were brought up.

“I wouldn’t like to see them leave, I’ll be honest with you.

“Another thing you’ve got to think of, if they did move, is it’s going to cost fans money to travel down south and money’s tight.

“Fans love travelling away from home.”

He told Go Radio: “So, for me, they’ve got to stay in their own league.”