Marvin Bartley insists Callum McGregor should have stayed on the pitch during Celtic's humbling defeat to Rangers this past weekend.

The Hoops ace was shown two yellow cards during the 4-1 Ibrox win for Gers, the first for a tackle on Ryan Kent and the second for a late cruncher on Glen Kamara.

Rangers scored in the aftermath of McGregor's challenge on Kamara but referee Nick Walsh - who had waved the advantage initially - went back to the player and sent him off. The decision has sparked debate between pundits and former referees and we at Glasgow Times Sport took a look at the verdict within the laws of the game.

But Livingston powerhouse Bartley reckons Celts were unfortunate to go both a man and a goal down in one fell swoop. "I'm a man who has put a few tackles in in my time," he told Go Radio. "I think sometimes in a derby the referee has to realise the magnitude of the game.

"I'm not saying it has to change the rules but I definitely believe for the second one he could have just said to him, 'Listen, that's your final one'. But by the letter of the law maybe the referee has got it right. I just think in a derby game you should maybe get away with one.

"You don't want to endanger players either but I don't think Kamara's in any danger.

"Yes it was a late tackle, Rangers went on to score and I think that was enough of a punishment if I'm being totally honest. "I think the referee could have said, 'that's your last one' and that's it."