Kieran Tierney has joked his pals reckon he has changed since joining Arsenal in the Premier League.

The former Celtic defender was caught on camera huckling his matchday kit in a Tesco bags and he regularly trains in below zero weather in just a T-shirt and shorts.

But he claims his cheeky mates poke fun at him after his megabucks move to the top tier of English football, ribbing him over his shopping in Tesco now as opposed to Lidl and Aldi.

Speaking in Four Four Two, KT laughed: "When my mates from back home saw the pic of me with my boots in a carrier bag, they were straight onto me. They said I had changed, because I'd gone from Aldi and Lidl to Tesco.

"Everyone else commenting seemed to be talking about how refreshing it was but my mates were slaughtering me. It wasn't something I'd thought twice about. I had a pair of boots I had to take with me and the only thing I had in the house was a Tesco bag. If they're reading this, I'm still waiting on that endorsement deal."