Celtic supporter liaison John-Paul Taylor has confirmed club officials understand the need to provide an update for fans amid their hunt for a new manager.

The club have been going about their business quietly and discreetly with Eddie Howe having held private discussions over the managerial vacancy.

Fans have had to be patient regarding the new boss situation as well as waiting for an update on season ticket renewal plans. Following the weekend social media boycott, the SLO was back fielding plenty of questions from concerned punters over a plethora of issues.

And he revealed to one fan who posed a question about a potential timeframe that he understands the hierarchy within the Glasgow giants recognise a need to provide some sort of short-term update.

He said on Twitter: "I don't have anything definitive I can share with you at the moment but I do believe there is a recognition that there is a need for a general update in the short term".

We told how former Bournemouth boss Howe has not yet made any official decision and it has been widely reported the Englishman is waiting to discover whether or not he will be permitted to bring in his own staff in recruitment roles.

Richard Hughes is wanted by Howe to head up the scouting and recruitment, while it is understood Fergal Harkin of Manchester City is still Celtic's top priority.