Richard Foster has compared the scenes in Glasgow last weekend to Gotham City as he hit out at Rangers fans for fighting amongst themselves amid the chaotic celebrations.

Gers officially hoisted the trophy after an incredible season during which they battered rivals Celtic in the Premiership race and won at a 25 point advantage.

Fans flocked to George Square and set off fireworks before, during and after their side's 4-0 win on the day against Aberdeen at Ibrox. But there were more fireworks in the city centre between some supporters who, according to Foster, 'selfishly' ignored rules and caused mayhem.

"It was just disappointing," the former defender told BBC Sportsound. "You wanted this weekend to be all about the achievements on the pitch, the players and the season that they've had, but the fans have made it about them.

"They've just went out, they've disregarded all the videos and messages that they were receiving from the club, the players and the government to not gather in large groups.

"Even then - gathering in large groups, you shouldn't be doing it right now - you're celebrating a title win. How does it descend into the absolute mayhem and carnage that we've seen? Fighting amongst themselves, destroying things, litter everywhere. It descended into absolute chaos.

"It was like Gotham City."

Foster was disappointed to see fans ruin the day of celebration with their antics. He added: "You live here and you think, if they were in there and it was a jovial atmosphere and everyone was having a good laugh, there would have been a real buzz about Glasgow.

"But if you were in there and you weren't a football fan, or even if you were a football fan and weren't involved in that, that sinister undercurrent would have been horrible to have been part of. No one else in Glasgow deserves to have to deal with that.

"People would have been out for dinner, out for drinks and then they would have had to endure this or fear getting involved in it, so they would have had to go home and cancel their plans.

"It's ridiculous and those fans involved have been 100 per cent selfish and they only care about themselves.

"They were going out to do that regardless of what happened and it just ruins the celebrations for Rangers' title win."