ONGOING negotiations can never be taken as done deals, however the possibility of several grand schemes coming to fruition could see the once small hamlet of Springburn emerge as a WoSFL epicenter for the coming season.

Hard to conclude otherwise after WoSFL newcomers Finnart and Broomhill Sports Club revealing Springburn Park as their home venue choice came hard on the heels of established Premier Division outfit Rossvale, tenants at New Tinto Park in Govan over the past two years, issuing a club statement saying they had come to an agreement with Partick Thistle Charitable Trust on a return to the North of Glasgow to play their 2021/22 home fixtures out of the Petershill Park Sports Complex.

On its own, Rossvale’s declaration will not be seen as an overly concerning issue, even if the complex has long been regarded as the home ground of Conference League side Petershill, because the two clubs have previous history of combining together from 2011-2017 in a very workable ground-sharing arrangement.

But what appears to be a relatively simple fix for WoSFL fixtures secretary Kennie Young may be on the verge of having several lashings of added complications should circulating whispers ring true alleging yet another top-flight club, Rob Roy, has also enquired about playing there.

And it appears no stone has been left unturned in attempts to regulate which club gets priority (surely Petershill?) because Times Sport understands the prospect of twin Saturday kick-off times, 2PM and 4 PM, have been broached during initial discussions as has a proposal for playing floodlit Friday night games.

The Rabs, currently awaiting the completion of their new stadium in the Southbank area of Kirkintilloch, have since 2014 ground-shared the Guys Meadow Stadium belonging to top-flight adversaries Cumbernauld United, with whom a straining of neighborly relations is a distinct possibility if this is a formally drawn up contractual arrangement requiring notice to be served of any planned exit.

What is also abundantly clear is the underlying fears within both clubs, and thought to be the prime reason for Rob Roy tentatively casting their eye elsewhere, over the likelihood of Cumbernauld’s grass pitch failing to cope with up to 50 matches being played on it over the coming season The inevitable consequences of a backlog of fixtures and being forced to play catch up are potentially damaging to the continuing existence of both clubs in a cut-throat Premier Division (7 sides face a relegation threat) so there’s a crying need for officials to get around the table to debate their limited default options and it could well be argued that a Rob Roy flit now is in everyone’s best interests.

Ground-breaking moves (no apologies for the pun) are not confined to North of the Clyde because one hears of another of the WoSFL’s new boys on the block, Paisley based St Peters F.C. coming to an agreement with Renfrew to share New Western Park.

And word on the streets of Govan reckons a strong Sir Alex Ferguson C.B.E. link could lead to Benburb accommodating Harmony Row into their New Tinto Park facility.

The feted former Manchester United boss has always confessed to being an avid follower of the Bens as a youngster and he also played his formative years at Harmony Row Boys Club where recognition of his patronage has come from the naming of their Braehead hub as Sir Alex Ferguson Park.