FASHION SAKALA has revealed he turned down approaches from the Premier League and Europe to sign with Rangers following a heart-to-heart with Steven Gerrard.

The Zambian will join up with Gerrard's squad in the coming weeks after completing his move from KV Oostende earlier this summer.

His arrival adds more firepower to the Ibrox attack as Gerrard prepares for Rangers' Premiership title defence and return to the Champions League next term.

Sakala attracted interest from several clubs after netting 16 times in Belgium last season but admits the lure of working with Gerrard was too hood to turn down.

"This is a very beautiful story to tell," said the forward, recalling his first meeting with the Rangers boss in an interview with the DJ Showstar TV's YouTube channel back in his homeland.

Glasgow Times: Rangers manager Steven Gerrard

"At that time I had a lot of big teams [interested] but Rangers for me is the biggest club that I really wanted to play for. I had teams in the Premier League, I had teams in France.

"When you are with God, you have to take life step by step. So when you want to jump some steps, life can become a burden. So going to the Premier League too early can become a curse.

"When I talk about the Premier League, people think I am just claiming I had clubs in England but we have seen players from Belgium with five goals going to the Premier League.

"At the time I signed for Glasgow Rangers, I had 14 goals. I was already on the level to go to the Premier League.

"I have the chance to choose again, I would still choose Rangers and I believe this is the perfect decision that I've made.

"I had meetings with the Premier League teams. I had meetings with teams in France and in LaLiga.

Glasgow Times: Steven Gerrard

"But looking at how Gerrard explained to me how he wants me to play I could tell he really wanted me to be part of his squad and he can see something big coming from me."

Rangers will return to pre-season training later this month as they step up their preparations for Gerrard's fourth campaign at Ibrox.

The champions will have to fend off interest in a number of their title winners in the coming weeks following a dominant domestic term and another impressive run on the continent.

But Sakala insists he would never have been swayed by the riches on offer elsewhere after committing his future to Rangers on a four-year deal.

Sakala said: "The first time when we had the meeting he said, 'Very few players have your qualities and that he had seen many players who have made it in European football without your qualities'.

"So with my qualities he said he believes I can make it to the top. At that time I felt cold, 'This is coming from Gerrard'.

"So then I thought, no matter what situation comes or if these big teams put a lot of money in, I'm not looking for money. The money I'll be getting from Rangers, my life will be secure.

"I'm not choosing money over the step that will take me higher.

Glasgow Times: Steven Gerrard

"Teams from the Premier League, teams from China, teams from Dubai - these are money moves.

"You're not going for your career. You're just going for money.

"But Rangers is for a career step and also for money. They pay very good but in my head I never wanted money.

"If money was first, I could have gone to China or Saudi Arabia or Qatar.

"But I know Rangers is the right team for money and for my career."