Rangers have congratulated Scot Tom Stoltman on becoming the World's Strongest Man for 2021.

The 27-year-old from Invergordon claimed the title after a dramatic Atlas Stones showdown in Sacramento, California on Sunday.

Stoltman defeated the legendary Brian Shaw to be crowned the World's Strongest Man and he is now the first Brit to win the title since Eddie Hall in 2017.

Stoltman also becomes the first Scot to win the competition and his beloved Rangers were quick to congratulate him.

They wrote on Twitter: "Congratulations to The World’s Strongest Man from the World’s Most Successful club. @stoltman_tom, one of our own."

Speaking in an interview with USA Today Sports, the 27-year-old dedicated his victory to his late mother Sheila, saying: "I told one of the guys a few years ago that in a few years' time I was going to win World's Strongest Man for my mum. Three years later, I've done that, and it just feels surreal.

"My mum was the reason. When I make a promise, I want to fulfil that promise. I just used the adrenaline, and her and my family back home as well. I just put it all up into one big ball and use that to help me get over the [finish] line."