I RECENTLY visited the Euro 2020 fan zone at Glasgow Green. A fantastic set up and a great advert for Glasgow hosting major events.

The major disappointment for me though was the vast numbers of empty tables with about 2/3s unoccupied during my visit.

I’ve seen pictures from other days which show a similar number of empty tables.

Hugely disappointing for an event which is apparently “sold out” for every single session.

Sadly this was all so predictable when tickets were released free of charge. Anyone who has ever hosted events knows free ticketing with limited capacity and high demand never works.

It always ends up in people claiming tickets they don’t intend on using or simply not cancelling when they can’t attend.

Despite the hefty cost of a pint, I’d be surprised if the fan zone covers its costs but the main cost is the embarrassment of empty fan zones in our world-famous football city.

Glasgow Life must take action now to allow people into the venue when there is clearly demand.

It would not be hard to allow walk-up entry if tables aren’t claimed by a certain time for example. Let’s show the world how good a host city Glasgow can be!

David Alexander


NEWS of Scotland midfielder Billy Gilmour testing positive for Covid sparked many comments on our Facebook page. Here’s a selection...

I WANT to know where did he get it from if they’re all in a bubble? Something not sitting right with me.

Sharon Cassidy Melvin

THAT’S sad – he’s going to be missed. He’s some player. I wonder where he got it.

Theresa Rogers

WHAT a shame. Will the rest of the team not have to isolate now?

Irene Pengilley

DOES that mean the whole team has to self isolate for 10 days?

Billy Geddes

PITY, he’s a good player but will never be first choice at Chelsea.

George Baggley

SO, he wasn’t near anyone during the game he played on Friday?

Michael Smith

SOMETHING doesn’t add up.

Duncan Mckerracher

SO, the coaching staff and those that have had close contact will have to self-isolate as well then?

Robert Murray