ALLY McCOIST has reflected on a special night for Scotland as Steve Clarke's side picked up a hugely important win against Israel on Saturday.

A last minute goal from Scott McTominay gave the Scots victory as they battled twice from going behind.

McCoist was on commentary duties for the clash and he admits he is still feeling the buzz of a rocking Hampden park.

On talkSPORT this morning, he said: "Listen, Hampden on Saturday... and before everybody gets carried away, I know it was Israel. I KNOW it was.

"But it was brilliant, man.

"Honestly, we were excellent second-half. Very poor first-half, we lost a couple of poor goals - defensively we switched and were beaten by a free-kick, and the second was the same, poor marking.

"But in the second-half we were excellent, it was the best we've played in DONKEYS years.

"We scored in the 93rd minute, McTominay. It was the best I'd heard the old stadium in honestly about 15 years. It was brilliant, the place was rocking."

He continued: "Didn't have a problem, no interest in who scored it! Just the fact it went over the line, delighted.

"The place was in uproar, me and Crocks doing the commentary were hugging each other.

"It was brilliant. Listen, we're getting a bit of stick saying 'it's only Israel'.

"But they're missing the point, missing the point totally. We haven't been to a World Cup since 98 and this keeps our hopes of second place alive.

"It was massive, the key game is obviously the Faroe Islands because we just have to win that.

"It was the first time it's been a sell-out at Hampden for, I don't know, years and years?

"The place, honestly, I'm not kidding you, when the final whistle blew you could feel the stand moving beneath your feet. It was BRILLIANT."