WATFORD keeper Ben Foster has opened up on his time training alongside "incredible" Joe Hart as part of the England set-up.

Foster and Hart trained together in Fabio Capello's squad alongside former Celtic stopper Fraser Forster.

And Foster, speaking on his podcast The Fozcast on YouTube, revealed he was always impressed with the tireless Hart.

So impressed, in fact that Foster joked there was no point in him being there as he watched Hart day-in-day-out.

And it wasn't just his performances between the sticks that resonated with Foster but also his personality and boundless energy throughout camps off the pitch.

"I wasn't number one choice at the time. Joe Hart was playing and he was incredible", raved Foster.

"It was that time when Joe Hart was just like...wow.

"I remember I used to turn up to England training and watch him training and I used to think 'Well, there's no point me being here because this guy is a joke'.

"I always say he is a bit like Tigger out of Winnie the Pooh he's got energy to burn.

"It was anything, 'Do you want to do this Joe?', he say 'Yep', 'I haven't even told you what we're doing Joe', 'Don't care' (said Hart), he wanted to do it.

"He was just pure energy all the time and I used to think, wow, what a guy. What a wicked guy."

For all the positives Foster spotted in Hart, who was at that point with Manchester City, boss Capello had one bizarre problem with the keeper.

Foster revealed Capello would say Hart's backside was too big when training with the national team - and he wouldn't even call Hart the right name.

Sharing the strange tale, Foster recalled: "At the time Joe Hart was the goalkeeper and he (Capello) had this massive problem with Joe.

"He used to say that his bum was too big. It was mad.

"If ever you see Joe Hart, he is shredded, he's ripped. 

"He always used to come up behind him, and didn't even call him the right name he used to call him John.

"He would always go 'John' and would look at his a*** and do this thing with his hands as if to say your a*** is too big and then he would walk off. 

"Then Joe would go 'My name is Joe', like having a laugh. We would start p***ing ourselves laughing, me, Joe and Fraser Forster."