CELTIC hero Chris Sutton has recalled the night he spent in the cells before his move to Blackburn.

The Parkhead icon turned pundit opened up on being arrested after a night out which saw him briefly behind bars after bending the indicator in a car.

Sutton, who was leaving Norwich, was ready to be announced as a new signing for Kenny Dalglish's Blackburn the following day.

But that could've been under threat if not for having already signed a contract and Dalglish's relaxed response to the incident.

Speaking on Open Goal, Sutton recalled: “Yeah that’s the only research you have done, I got arrested.

“I was out Bryan Gunn and a few of the others I can’t really remember.

“I got misled, led astray as you do as a young guy and I dived into a convertible mini head on and bent the indicator a little bit.

“I went into a nightclub upstairs and the police came in and I went out the fire exit and jumped in a taxi to go home.

“Then three police cars surrounded the taxi. Nothing in the nightclub just in the car I'd bent the indicator when I jumped in, not a lot happens in Norfolk!

“So then I got put in the cells.”

Quizzed by Si Ferry and Paul Slane on the podcast, Sutton then revealed his biggest fear was how his dad would react.

He continued: "All I was worried about was my dad.

“I hadn’t really thought about the move I just kept thinking ‘my dad is going to kill me’.

“Kenny laughed it off, having said that I had already signed for Blackburn so there was nothing he could do about it, really.

“He was fine. I was a young man and we all make mistakes.”