DAVE KING is confident Rangers remain on the right track at all levels under the guidance of Douglas Park and John Bennett.

The former Ibrox chairman was replaced by Park when he stepped down from his position in March 2020 after five years at the helm.

Bennett now acts as Park's deputy on the Light Blues board and continues to be a key financial backer of the champions.

King made himself available for questions from Club 1872 members ahead of their annual contributors meeting on Monday evening and is sure that the future will be bright for Rangers in the coming years.

"Absolutely," King said when asked if he still had full confidence in the RIFC board. "I think the board is still a continuation.

"If you look at what happened in the transfer window, I don’t have any particular insight into the numbers because I am not on the board anymore, but it is very obvious to me that further investment has been made in the club.

"The club had a transfer window where players came in, wages went up and players didn’t go out. We know that.

"The Champions League wasn’t achieved this year and this becomes a very big season because there is automatic entry into next year. I think the club has continued to invest in that.

"I think, fortunately, you have got Douglas and John Bennett, who took over the role I had.

"Supporters might not know that in prior years, not only did I have to invest in the club, I had to provide cashback guarantees each year because we were trading at a loss.

"It wasn’t just the money you put into the club, you also had to provide cash guarantees to get UEFA Licences, SFA Licences to act as a going concern.

"The fact that Douglas and John have stepped in, I think it said in the last annual report that they are now providing that and they have got all the knowledge of what is going on, that gives me a strong indication that the board is continuing to put the club first and make the necessary investments.

"And back it with their own money, and supporters can’t ask for more than that."