THERE are lessons that Jota has learned from a difficult past at Benfica, and chief amongst those has been the importance of enjoying the present when things are going well, as they are now at Celtic.

The problem for Celtic supporters though is that means he is reluctant to talk about his future, when they would rather like to hear that the winger is keen for his loan club to take up their £6m option to make his move to Glasgow permanent in the summer.

That is testament to his fine start to life in Scotland, with his stunning goal against Ferencvaros on Thursday evening just the latest highlight from an impressive opening to his Celtic career.

How long that Celtic career will last, no one yet knows, but Jota is happy for now to thrive in what has been a hugely favourable environment.

“I never think about the future,” Jota said. “I only think about the present. All I am thinking about is a nice result in Europe and now it’s on to the next one.

“It’s like our coach said, take five minutes to enjoy the result the other night. Then we move on to Sunday.

“I just want to enjoy it as the past few years have been difficult. I am in a good moment and I’m enjoying my football.

“The team is doing good and we are building something really good for the future. I’m delighted to be here.

“The move has been good for me. I am learning a lot from a coach who has some really good ideas. I enjoy the way he sees football. I’m in the right place at the right time.

“It’s been difficult in the past but it’s like that in football at the top level. It’s helps build character. I have to use what’s happened in the past to be better in the future.

“It’s about evolution.”

Jota was pleased to make another telling contribution in Hungary, but he is more satisfied by how results have started to turn in Celtic’s favour over recent weeks after a shaky start to the season overall.

“It was a nice goal,” he said. “I was just delighted to have scored. It happened because the team is behind me, helping me and I was happy for everyone.

“We are gaining confidence. I think the results speak for themselves, we are really building something here. We are confident as individuals and as a team, but we are getting better and better. I’m looking forward to seeing what we can do in the future.

“It’s exciting playing with all these players, from goalkeeper Joe (Hart) right through to the striker Kyogo. It’s a really good team with talented lads.

“I learn something new every day.”

Many of those lessons come from goalkeeper Hart, who Jota has found less than hesitant to offer his frank opinions to his teammates during matches.

“You think he looks scary? You should see him in the dressing room!” he said. “He can shout at players but everything he does is to help the team.

“If there is something he needs to say or do then he will do it. It’s all for the good of the team.

“You sometimes see it in the heat of the moment on the pitch, when we are stressed. But when we get in the dressing room we are calm and we speak about things.

“We know what we want to do out on the pitch and I think the results speak for themselves at the moment.”