ANGE POSTECOGLOU has revealed Celtic supporters’ instant backing of his appointment as manager in the summer is a major motivation for him to bring success to Parkhead.

The Celtic boss, named Glen’s Manager of the Month for October, has opened up on his drive to bring titles to the fans who threw their support behind him despite, by his own admission, being a less well known face in Scottish football.

Speaking on Open Goal with Si Ferry and Paul Slane, Postecoglou saluted the support from Celtic fans from the first day as he targeted the “priceless” feeling of rewarding them with success this year.

“I’ve been so humbled by their acceptance of me almost straight away”, said Postecoglou.

“Let’s be fair, no one knew who I was here before I got here. There would be very few people didn’t Google my name to see who I was.

“But from the moment I arrived, and maybe it’s just Celtic supporters don’t like being told who they should like and who they shouldn’t like, it almost got their back up with people saying who is this guy?

“They backed me from day one and that’s been great for me and it’s a massive motivator from me to bring success to this football club.

“When they back me when they don’t really know who I am then if I can bring success to that group of people who supported me then that feeling is going to be priceless for me.”

But quizzed on what success would look like in his first season in charge, Postecoglou was coy as he insisted he doesn’t operate with pre-determined measures of success.

“I don’t know mate, I don’t put measures on it”, Postecoglou revealed. “This club needs success, needs silverware that’s why I’m here to bring trophies to this football club.

“What that is going to look in the year, time will tell. That’s my goal, that’s my ambition.”