JOHN NEEDHAM has been fined by the Scottish FA following 'inappropriate' comments made about Rangers on social media. 

The St Mirren chairman was charged at the beginning of November following an investigation into the comments. 

Now, an independent disciplinary panel at the SFA has fined Needham over the incident.

The tribunal has determined that £5,000 must be paid up right now, with a  further £1,000 suspended until the end of the season.

Needham has been chairman of the Paisley club since the summer. 

His messages were posted on to Twitter earlier this season, with tweets in 2015 emerging of him branding Rangers fans 'huns'.

Another message earlier this year was in reply to a photograph of thousands of Rangers supporters crossing a Glasgow bridge, with Needham commenting: “Here’s hoping the Squinty Bridge tips as well. Second thoughts… the pollution would be awful.” 

Rangers wrote to St Mirren, the SPFL and the SFA about the comments.

In October, Needham apologised for his action. He said: “On Friday 22 October a number of Tweets I created in the past referring to Rangers fans were highlighted on Twitter. As a club chairman I have extra responsibility for the conduct and example I show.

“These posts are completely inappropriate and do not reflect my character or beliefs as a person and I very much regret them.

“I apologise unreservedly to the directors and fans of Rangers and to everyone at St Mirren. I am acutely aware of my responsibilities. This won’t happen again.”

St Mirren confirmed the fines in a short statement on their website this afternoon. 

It reads: "Following on from the SFA disciplinary hearing for John Needham, the outcome is as follows: £6000 fine applied with £5000 to be paid immediately and £1000 suspended until the end of Season 2021/22, should there be a further breach of Disciplinary Rules 71/73/77 in this time period. St Mirren Football Club will be making no further comment."