NICOLA STURGEON today refused to rule out reimposing restrictions on football stadia as she warned of a "potential tsunami of Omicron infections".

The First Minister gave a Covid update this afternoon amid a rise in Omicron cases in Scotland.

In the announcement Ms Sturgeon warned against unnecessary social contacts and urged work Christmas parties to be deferred.

But she was also quizzed on the possibility of restrictions being reintroduced on football stadia.

The First Minister was asked if football venues will be discussed at a Cabinet meeting on Tuesday but wouldn't reveal plans as she insisted: "I don't know yet".

Responding to a question on possible football stadia curbs or closures, Ms Sturgeon said: "I'm not going to tell you what Cabinet might consider on Tuesday because I don't know yet.

"This will depend on the continuing analysis of the data.

"I'm really, really mindful that two years in if we're asking the public to do anything else then we have ot to think very carefully, is it the right thing? Is it likely to have the biggest impact?

"That means thinking very carefully and not just coming out with things because we can.

"There's a doubling time (of Omicron cases) of two days. Tuesday, in that context, is a long time away and we'll be monitoring the data every day between now and then."