NEXT week's Premier Sports Cup final will go ahead with a capacity crowd. 

That's the latest from National Clinical Director Jason Leitch. 

There are growing fears that the spread of the Omicron Covid variant will lead to tighter restrictions being re-imposed in Scotland. 

Nicola Sturgeon said that the NHS could be overwhelmed by should another wave of the virus coming about. 

But Professor Leitch has told supporters that, as things stand, next week's cup final between Celtic and Hibs will go ahead as planned.

Leitch told BBC's Off the Ball: "On the 11th of December, yes, the Cup final is going ahead. Nobody can absolutely guarantee what will happen between this Saturday and next Saturday.

“But now, yes - the Cup final is going ahead. My advice to fans is to make sure they do a lateral flow test before they go and I really hope you’re vaccinated.

“We will tell you immediately if we think it has to change. We are watching the data every day.

“For now, and you’ll notice I keep saying the date because I’ve learned when you replay interviews if the date isn’t in them then sometimes people can say you said something different.

“On the 11th of December, yes, the Cup final can go ahead.”