Joe Hart has played under some of the best coaches the world of football has to offer, but few have demanded as much of him as Ange Postecoglou, particularly in regards to using his feet rather than his hands.

But even at this advanced stage of his football career, Hart is happy to put himself through the necessary hours on the training field, and take the lessons on board that his manager imparts upon him, for one very simple reason; he trusts the process.

Hart is at the point in his career where he questions the purpose of everything he does in his preparation, but it is crystal clear to the former England number one just why Postecoglou is demanding the things he does from him and his teammates.

It is that clarity of message and purpose that has Hart and the rest of the Celtic squad running through brick walls for their manager, and why Postecoglou rates as one of the best managers the 34-year-old has worked with.

“In terms of the style of play, I’ve been very impressed by the manager and the way he puts things across,” he said.

“You can be very blasé and just tell people that you want to play out from the back, but there’s a process to it.

“What I love is that there’s reasons behind what I do. For me personally with the point I’m at in my career, and with my understanding of football, I like to ask why we are doing something. And I don’t find myself asking why much with this style.

“It makes a lot of sense and it is perfectly explained. I’m really enjoying it, I’m really loving working under him.

“It’s testing, but in a good way. There’s an awful lot of information, but the reasons why we do things are very clear, and that’s the way I like to work.

“That’s what I’m really enjoying.”