KENNY DALGLISH has demanded Scottish football find the money to implement VAR as he cited the implications of decisions on the title fight between Rangers and Celtic.

The Celtic and Scotland hero reckons the technology must be brought in to help officials as the race for thud and fourth place heats up as well as the relegation dogfight.

Dalglish has even called for VAR to be brought into select matches this season where possible to smooth out any teething issues before possible full implementation.

But the Liverpool legend went on to confess that errors will still be made but insisted VAR would assist Scottish officials going forward.

He wrote in the Sunday Post: "We have a great fight going on for the title between Rangers and Celtic.

"There is an interesting situation developing between Hearts, Motherwell and Hibs for that third and fourth-place finish, and with it European football next season. At the other end of the table, there is a real scrap between five clubs to avoid relegation.

"When it is so tight, that causes tension, which means every refereeing decision is put under the microscope.

"That’s why I wish we already had VAR in place. We don’t, but we need to find a way to make sure it’s introduced for the start of the new season.

"Our referees want it, and most people are in agreement that our game needs it. As I’ve always said, VAR isn’t there to embarrass the officials or make them look incompetent. It is there to provide help in the hope that the correct decision will be reached.

"Even with VAR in operation, many decisions still come down to opinion. Very few are factual. But having that evidence to work with can make the whole process so much better.

"Nothing will ever totally eliminate human error, and wrong calls will still be made. But we need to offer help to our whistlers where possible."

Scottish clubs will reportedly vote on VAR next month. It could be put in place for next season should clubs pass the vote in favour of its implementation.

And Dalglish reckons it's vital it's brought into the Scottish game as soon as possible.

He goes on to suggest while the cost of the technology is huge, it may be impossible for the governing body not to find the money.

He added: "Next month, all 42 SPFL clubs will vote on its implementation for the start of next season. But if it’s possible, I’d bring it in for selected games this season to try to move things along.

"It’s expensive to install, but Scottish football will find a way to finance it. Put it this way, I don’t think it’s an option not to find the money for it."