MOUHAMED NIANG's tackle on Yosuke Ideguchi was worthy of a red card. 

That's the view of Scottish football pundit Richard Foster. 

The new Celtic signing was forced off through injury in their 2-1 Scottish Cup win after the challenge from the Alloa midfielder. 

Don Robertson flashed a yellow card for the incident, however, many have slammed the tackle, insisting Niang should've walked. 

But Foster - who plays for Partick Thistle currently - believes the Wasps star won the ball with his "strong tackle".

He told BBC Sportscene: "I don't think it is [a sending off offence].

"It's a strong tackle and he wins the ball.

"The main thing is, and what I got taught as a youngster, is that if you go in for a 50-50 you've got to go in at the same speed and intensity as the other player.

"Ideguchi actually tries to pull out of it so he's slowing himself down and Mouhamed Niang is coming right through the ball.

"It's a strong, strong tackle but it would have been very harsh.

"If the two players had gone in together at the same (speed) you would have seen an old fashioned 50-50 tackle and nobody would have got hurt.

"But by slowing himself down he allows himself to be on the end of a very, very sore one."

Peter Grant added: "I don't know. I don't like talking about tackling because that was my game.

"The modern game it is a red card. There is no doubt."