DAIZEN MAEDA and Reo Hatate face a gruelling 34,000km round-trip on international duty ahead of Celtic's clash against Rangers next month.

The duo were called up for World Cup qualifying fixtures against Australia and Vietnam later this month.

And it'll see them rack up the air miles with trips from Glasgow to Australia onto Japan and then back to Scotland.

However, they will at least have some comfort in the four day gap between their last international fixture and the Glasgow derby clash on April 2.

The pair are expected to be involved in Celtic's home match against Ross County on Saturday.

But they will then be released for international duty and meet up with their Japan team-mates to first take on Australia.

The fixture, on March 24, will be played at the Accor Stadium in Sydney - a nearly 17,000km distance from Glasgow.

Should Maeda and Hatate join up with their Japan team-mates in their homeland first then the trip would reach a similar distance but split between two flights.

Saitama Stadium is the venue for the next fixture between Japan and Vietnam on March 29. It's around a 7,800km journey from Sydney.

After that match there's just the matter of flying back to Glasgow in time to rest-up for domestic action on April 3. That's a 9300km trip - or a 14-hour flight.

Maeda & Hatate fixture schedule in full

Celtic vs Ross County - Saturday, March 19 - 3pm

Australia vs Japan - Thursday, March 24 - 9.10am (UK time)

Japan vs Vietnam - Tuesday, March 29 - 11.35am (UK time)

Rangers vs Celtic - Sunday, April 3 - 12pm