CELTIC and Rangers will be on alert amid claims of a major Champions League revamp ahead of the 2024/25 season.

Reports have suggested that Europe's elite competition will open up two spots for clubs based on historical performance if they have not qualified for the tournament via the normal route.

This will also see the Champions League increase from by four from 32 to 36 participants.

It remains to be seen if this will impact Scottish Premiership clubs, but it would likely benefit Europe's top five leagues.

Claus Thomsen, The European League president, has called for a quick rethink.

He explained: "We believe the principle of sporting merit is the heart of the football mode.

“It’s still our firm belief and position that such a thing can’t be introduced into the European club competitions.

"We have had good dialogue with UEFA on this and think we will find common ground with this.

"Raising these issues are not contrary to UEFA. It is fair to say our expectation is that UEFA also has the position of sporting merit being at the core of European and domestic competitions.”

Thomsen also commented the possibility of the group stage being replaced by a new league format.

He added: "An increase of more than 50 per cent of games will hurt the vast majority of clubs and benefit very few.

“We need to have a lower number of rounds. [UEFA] also have the position that we need to balance matchday calendars for all competitions to have a positive development.”