UEFA confirmed earlier this week that Russian clubs won't play in next season's European club competitions, meaning the Scottish Premiership winners will advance straight to the Champions League group stage.

Celtic are in prime position to seal the top-flight title and the Champions League group stage spot along with the major financial boost that comes with continental qualification.

Ange Postecoglou's side sit six-points clear of Rangers with three matches left in the league season - and they also boast a significant goal difference advantage over their city rivals.

Should Celtic go on to win the league, then they would go on to earn around an estimated £30m in TV money from the Champions League competition next season.

That's according to business of football Twitter account Swiss Ramble that has compiled estimates for both Celtic and Rangers should they make the group stage.

The figures estimate incomings from TV revenue, result bonuses, the UEFA coefficient payment and then outgoing Covid rebate payment.

Importantly, the estimated figures do not include any projections for gate receipts or hospitality sales which would increase the figure.

Celtic look set to earn a guaranteed £13m in participation payments alone, regardless of any results in the group stage.

Should Celtic claim the Champions League spot then they would also receive a UEFA coefficient payment of around £7.5m based on their position of 38th in the rankings.

Celtic would then receive a TV pool payment, which has been estimated at £5.7m assuming Scottish clubs continue to receive 10 per cent of the British TV pool total.

Next is any bonuses from positive results, with UEFA paying around £2.3m for a win and £780,000 for a draw in the group stage. 

Working on a theory of Celtic claiming just one win and one draw in their group, it would bag a further £3m.

Once the Covid rebate cash of around £1m is taken away that would leave a total of near £30m, dependent on change rate, for Celtic just for competing in the groups. 

Takings would only increase should Celtic advance any further than the groups with £8m up for grabs if a spot in the last 16 was to be achieved.

Rangers could similarly take a huge incoming of cash should they claim the league title - but would require a Celtic collapse.

Failing that, the Ibrox club could make the groups through winning the Europa League or navigating the third qualifying round place earned through a second-place Scottish Premiership finish.

The only difference would come in the coefficient payment for Rangers, where they would receive around £2.8m compared to Celtic's £7.5m.