LIAM MORRISON has no regrets over leaving Celtic for Bayern Munich because the hands-on coaching taught to him by World Cup winner Miroslav Klose was exactly what he was hoping to learn when he made the move to Germany. 

After arriving in the Bavarian capital in 2019, Morrison was placed in Bayern’s Under-17 team, where he was managed by Klose and former Argentina international Martin Demichelis. Which was ultimately what convinced the young defender to make the move abroad in the first place.

“I looked at the Under-17 coaching staff and they had Miroslav Klose, the World Cup all-time top goalscorer and Martín Demichelis, who has played in World Cup finals and played for Manchester City,” said Morrison.

“So I just took one look at that and thought I could learn so much from those guys, especially Demichelis who used to play in my position.”

However, while Morrison may have been expecting lectures on winning trophies or tactical lessons on working under some of the best managers of the modern era, he instead got a black eye in training. Which has proved to be just as valuable. 

“I did have a good relationship with Miroslav for the games I played in the U-17s,” recalls Morrison, before revealing that the former Werder Bremen, Bayern and Lazio striker often took part in training. 

“I remember thinking: ‘This guy has been retired for I don’t know how many years. He’ll just walk about.’ But he was the complete opposite,” said Morrison with a laugh. “Standing on my toes, elbowing me in the face when he was going up for headers. 

“And I didn’t want to tackle him because he’s my coach and I didn’t want to annoy him or anything. It was two years ago when I was with the U17s, but he definitely still had it. He was just good at everything.”