A LOCAL community is revelling in the afterglow of Rangers’ win over RB Leipzig at Ibrox Stadium on Thursday.

The Glasgow Times took to the streets to find out how business owners, residents and football fans feel knowing the team will soon be heading to the Europa League final in Seville.

Rafid Almussawi, 37, owner of Tartan Fish and Chips, welcomed loads of happy customers as fans took to streets to celebrate their club’s victory.

Glasgow Times:  Rafid Almussawi, owner of Tartan fish and chips. Rafid Almussawi, owner of Tartan fish and chips.

“It was quite a good atmosphere, and it’s good for our business as well,” he said.

“We had quite a lot of happy customers and they were all saying they will try and go down to Seville.

“It’s good for the community and we didn’t have any problems or anything last night, everyone was just excited and happy.

“I’m a Rangers fan myself so I’ll definitely be watching the final.”

Lynn Paton, 32, who works at Kensington Bar, was caught up in the celebrations as she was making her way home from another job in Shettleston.

Glasgow Times: Lynn Paton, bar supervisor at the Kensington bar.Lynn Paton, bar supervisor at the Kensington bar.

“My manager was working late and she was here until this morning just cleaning up,” she said.

“She said everyone was in good spirits and had a good time.

“I’ve just been helping get the pub back to normal after last night and ready for the weekend of celebrations.

“Quite a lot of people will still be celebrating, especially at this end, it’s going to be quite busy given how important this win was.”

Jennifer Louden, 47, a Rangers fan and team member at the nearby Park Bar, had a blast working during the game.

Glasgow Times: Jennifer Louden, bar staff at the Park Bar.Jennifer Louden, bar staff at the Park Bar.

She said: “It was amazing, there was no trouble at all. A lot of regulars were in and we got loads of tips.

“That’s what’s good about this bar, we get a mix of football fans and it’s such good banter.

“I think it will be very busy this weekend, we’ll just try and keep everyone happy. When they’re happy, we’re happy.

“There was ‘just a wee bit’ of noise - there was actually a van out there full of police and you could see them when they heard the noise and they were like ‘what’s going on’ but it was just that Rangers had scored, it was quite funny.”

Fan Sam Dickson, 58, watched the game from his home in Northern Ireland, but couldn’t resist travelling to Glasgow post-match to soak up the magic atmosphere.

Glasgow Times: Sam Dickson from Northern Ireland with his Japanese Akita dogsSam Dickson from Northern Ireland with his Japanese Akita dogs

He brought his own team of three Japanese Akitas, Ghost, Ashe and Sirius, all dressed in Rangers colours.

“I have a lot of friends who are season ticketholders and came over for the game last night. They were keeping me buzzed all night,” he said.

“It is buzzing. I knew that I was coming here today, and I would only be getting the aftereffect, the shockwaves of it. “But you can still actually feel the adrenaline. People are walking about and you can see their smiles.

“That’s what it means to people. It's not just a football game, it's family, it’s culture, it's whatever you want to call it, just a clean buzz.”

He added: “It's phenomenal what Rangers did last night.”

“As well as that, Walter Smith passed away recently and Jimmy Bell too.

“It’s been a mixture of emotion and adrenaline and there’s no better feeling than to have that and to feel a part of it.

“There’s no drug or drink in the world that could give you the same feeling as being in that stadium last night.”

Fan Craig Whyte, 41, could not make it to Ibrox due to being in hospital, but he still did not miss the game.

Glasgow Times: Rangers fan Craig WhyteRangers fan Craig Whyte

“I was just watching in the house but it was amazing. They played so well, so well deserved, it was really good.

“I was actually at the last one [Europa League semi-final] down in Manchester in 2008. I was there with my dad, so it was brilliant.

“I’ll try my best to make it to Seville.”