GIORGOS GIAKOUMAKIS is relieved to have been proven right over his prediction that Celtic would be champions, saying that the belief the team had in one another was key to their success.

The Celtic striker claimed back in February that Celtic would win the Premiership because they were better than city rivals Rangers ‘in every single part of the team’, prompting Ibrox midfielder Ryan Jack to label the Greek as ‘disrespectful’.

Giakoumakis had the last laugh though as Celtic clinched the title with the draw against Dundee United on Wednesday night, and he was only too happy to remind Celtic’s rivals that he had told them so.

“I have been proved correct – thank God!” Giakoumakis said.

“I just said we would be champions because I felt we were the best team and playing the best football. It was about believing in my team and nothing else. I was being honest. I wasn’t trying to pick a fight with anyone – it was what I believed.

“Could I say I told you so? Exactly! We won the title so it was the truth.

“It wasn’t something we did not expect, to be honest. We worked hard every single day from the first to the last and tried to improve ourselves in every training session and game.

“It was all worth it.”

Giakoumakis is now looking forward to milking the title celebrations when Celtic are presented with the trophy after today’s game against Motherwell at Celtic Park.

“It was really enjoyable at the ground and back at Celtic Park on Wednesday,” he said.

“But that was just part one of the party. Now we have the big one when we get the trophy.

“It was something really nice to score the goal [against Dundee United]. I celebrated the goal as normal as I didn’t think that would be the one to secure the title.

“In the end we all celebrated the same way because it did not matter who scored.

“But it was really nice to do it in front out our fans. They were amazing for us and I dedicate the goal to them.”