A RANGERS fan suffered a heart attack on a flight to Seville ahead of the Europa League final tonight.

The Daily Record reports that the 70-year-old was kept alive thanks to a doctor on board who rushed to his aid. 

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Rangers face Eintracht Frankfurt in the Europa League final in the Spanish city tonight. It is understood that the fan flew out to Europa League final on a day trip service organised by Corporate Travel Management, from Glasgow to Seville.

A club insider told the newspaper: "The man was kept conscious and he is okay, he's still alive.

"But obviously he's had a heart attack so it's very serious and was a big scare for him and his family.

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"Luckily there was another fan on the flight who's a doctor.

"He rushed to help him and looked after him on the flight.

"It's the best outcome everyone could have hoped for in the circumstances.

"Hopefully he is well enough to still catch the game and gets the result we are all hoping for."

Glasgow Times:

Up to 100,000 Rangers fans are expected to travel to Seville for the Europa League final on Wednesday, police in Spanish city said yesterday. 

Rangers fans are expected to outnumber the Eintracht Frankfurt fans two to one. 

Spain's commissioner for citizen security Juan Carlos Castro Estevez said the service was well equipped to handle the tens of thousands of fans arriving in the city.