SOCIAL media footage has emerged appearing to show Rangers fans being attacked by Eintracht Frankfurt supporters in Seville hours before the Europa League final.

Several Twitter posts show violent scenes in the Spanish city ahead of the 8pm kick off. 

Glasgow Times:

In one video filmed from what appears to be a bus that has stopped in the street as a result of the incident, the fans of the German side storm toward Rangers supporters sitting in a cafe.

Wearing masks to conceal their identity, they throw chairs and punches.

In defence, some Light Blue fans strike back to stop the attack.

The video also shows shocked citizens on bikes cycling away from the chaos. 

Glasgow Times:

In other scenes, a Rangers fan could be seen lying unconscious on the ground as his friends lift him away from the scene while the Eintracht Frankfurt supporters continue to storm toward the Light Blue fans throwing parasols.

A video shared of the aftermath in a cafe shows blood all over tiles. A Scottish accent can be heard in the background saying: "That is brutal by the way. That is brutal man. All those bottles man. Glass everywhere. All those windows tanned in."

Most of the videos were shot in the midst of the fighting. 

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It comes after we reported that five  Eintracht Frankfurt ultras have been arrested after attacking Rangers fans in streets of Seville last night, the Spanish police said.

One Rangers supporter was injured as a result of the incident.

In a statement the Policía Nacional confirmed a “massive fight” broke out in front of the Seville Cathedral, near the city’s historic centre.

A video posted to Twitter by a Spanish journalist shows flares being thrown to fans standing outside a bar in the Andalusian capital. 

The caption reads: "Again the Eintracht fans messing it up in Seville.

"They have thrown flares and glasses at the Rangers [fans]."

Police in Seville have been contacted for comment.