DEFLATED Rangers supporters have spoken in Glasgow city centre after their team cruelly lost in a penalty shootout against German side Eintracht Frankfurt in the Europa League final tonight.

Glasgow Times:

Praising how far the Ibrox heroes had come, Stephen Hendry, 59 and his 14-year-old son Kai from Northern Ireland, said: "I feel a bit deflated, we didn’t expect that.

"But ten years ago they wrote us all off and sent us to the gutter.

"And ten years later we’re back so I can’t complain - I’m happy enough.

"It feels amazing to get to the final.

"We lost but we can’t be disappointed when ten years ago there was no team there and ten years later we’re at the top of Europe with a £14m team I’m a bit upset, he’s upset, but it is what it is. That’s football.”

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Glasgow Times:

Andrew and Aaron Mitchell, from Falkirk, expressed their heartache over the defeat.

50-year-old Andrew said “I’m proud. I’m absolutely proud of the team because we shouldn’t have been there.

"I think we did really well to get there. 

"Tonight we lost but we’ve done ourselves proud.

"We really proved ourselves."

Glasgow Times:

Carrie-Anne McMullan,43, Belfast, Nathan Richford, 26, from Crookston and Jacqueline Martin, 44, Belfast all watched the game tonight.

Carrie-Anne said: “We’re absolutely gutted but we’re super proud of Glasgow Rangers FC and the management, and everyone involved for the effort they put in over the last decade to get us where we were tonight, and for helping us believe that we can dream.
"There’s more to come in the future.”