RANGERS have been hit with another UEFA fine over Europa League action at Ibrox with the total disciplinary costs totaling more than £100,000 this season.

The Ibrox club were most recently slapped with a €3,750 (est. £3,200) fine for fan behaviour during the win over RB Leipzig to make it to the finals.

Rangers were charged under Article 16 (2) (c) DR of the UEFA regulations over the lighting of fireworks.

It is the latest of a lengthy list of fines handed down by the governing body to the club this season during the incredible run to the final in Seville.

The club were first hit with a €5,250 over the "lighting and throwing of an object" against Brondby back in November.

Rangers were then charged €6,000 for objects thrown in the Ibrox victory over Sparta Prague.

In January, Rangers were slapped with a significant £16,000 fine during the "festival of lights" pyro display in the away match at Lyon.

UEFA chiefs sanctioned the €19,250 fine for the "lighting of fireworks" under Art. 16(2)(c).

Next was a fine after the 6-4 aggregate win over Dortmund when UEFA demanded €5,000 be paid after supporters, including children, ran onto the pitch.

In the away tie against Red Star in Serbia Rangers were again fined. This time UEFA chiefs handed out fines for the throwing of objects, €30,000, and acts of damage €5,000.

In the quarter-final first-leg against Braga, Rangers were fined a total of €46,250 over fireworks lit and a delayed kick-off in the match.

On the home leg, Rangers were again fined for €8,000 over the 'blocking of public passageways'.

It takes the total cost in disciplinary fines to €128,500 or around £109,200.