CHARLIE ADAM has revealed that he came close to signing for Rangers for a second time back in 2018.

The veteran midfielder played at Ibrox between 2003 and 2009 and he has told how Steven Gerrard wanted to bring him back to the club for a second stint.

Adam told BBC's This Sporting Life podcast: "I had one or two discussions with Steven to come back over the years when he first joined and things like that.

"I had conversations, met him to talk about it. That was early on (in Gerrard's reign). When Mark Allen was Director of Football.

"Unfortunately for me it was something that never happened. I was still at Stoke at the time.

"I knew at the time they were going to sign (Steven) Davis and what the plan was.

"I was up for it but unfortunately it never happened. But that's the way it goes."

Asked if he regretted not joining the club again, Adam added: "Yeah. Big club, the pressure.

"But you can only get that if the proper offer was there.

"There was discussions but it never ever materialised."