Celtic hero Chris Sutton has revealed his favourite ever player he swapped shirts with.

The Englishmen had a storied career which saw him play for several Premier League clubs before joining the Hoops in 2000.

While in recent years, he has been more known for his punditry than his footballing career, Sutton is still one of the best talents to play in Scotland.

Now he has been reflecting on his time in the game and the memorabilia he picked up along the way ahead of the premiere of BT Sport's new documentary 'Glory Hunters', which looks at the merchandise across the game over the years.

Speaking to 90 min, he said: "Over the years, I've given a lot of my shirts away, but I have kept some for my sons, who wanted to have some of the shirts which I wore.

"I have a couple of Blackburn Rovers shirts - one which is framed in my son's room - from the season we won the league, with a photo from the celebrations at Ewood Park.

"I think it was the day after we'd won the title, so we were all a bit worse for wear, I think.

"I never thought about it too much when I played, but now that I've gotten a little bit older, I'm really glad I kept those shirts from my days at Blackburn, Norwich and Celtic

"I was always a bit of a sulker when I lost a game, so I didn't necessarily think it was the right thing to do to swap shirts if you'd lost a game.

"You see players, and I think there have been players of the last few years who have asked for shirts at half-time.

"It was a bit of a no-no as far as I was concerned."

Despite his reservations against shirt swapping at the time, there were exceptions to this rule, and Hoops fans will not be surprised to know that the Parkhead side still has a special place in the 49-year-old's heart.

In particular, one shirt from a game involving the Bhoys means a lot to him.

He continued: "I've got a couple of Celtic shirts too. I've got the one from Seville [UEFA Cup final] and one from the treble-winning season.

"And they mean the world to me, but they all have equal value to me because they're all part of my football journey, so I don't have any favourites in that respect.

"If I had a favourite shirt it would probably have to be the one I swapped with Larsson when he came back.

"He was a better player than me, so to have his shirt means a lot to me because of my relationship with him.

"I had so much admiration for him, and, you know, that was the only game we lost at home in the Champions League under Martin O'Neill, and it was sod's law that he came back and scored for Barcelona."