ALLY MCCOIST reckons there is a stark similarity between Michael Beale's QPR exit and Steven Gerrard's departure from Rangers.

Beale - who worked under Gerrard at Ibrox - is expected to become the next permanent Rangers manager one week on from Giovanni van Bronckhorst's dismissal.

The highly-rated manager knocked back an approach from Wolves but is set to take the top job at Rangers and is reportedly in Scotland to finalise the move.

Reports claim Beale is missing QPR training to compete his Ibrox return with fans of the London club disappointed to lose their manager.

And one particular matter irking supporters is the comments Beale made after turning down an approach for Wolves as he stated “Integrity and loyalty are big things for me," in a respectful message on declining talks to head to Molineux.

But just weeks on and Beale is set to depart QPR with fans citing the quote - and McCoist admitting it has "come back to bite" Beale.

The prospective new Rangers boss previously said: "Wolves is a fantastic football club and it was a real privilege to be asked to speak to them but I didn't think it was the right moment because I entered into an agreement here."

“Integrity and loyalty are big things for me, and if they are the values you live by you have to be strong. I have been all-in here and I have asked other people to be all-in so I can’t be the first person to run away from the ship. I don’t think we are anywhere near where I want QPR to be. We have a lot to do but I’m excited by it.”

For McCoist, there is a glaring similarity between the backlash Beale is facing from QPR fans to the reaction to Gerrard's Ibrox departure for Aston Villa after insisting he was happy at Rangers.

Gerrard had said, when quizzed on Newcastle links: "Do I look happy? Do I look settled? Don't ask me silly questions then."

But he would go on to leave the club shortly after the comments as he joined Villa. 

Speaking on talkSPORT, McCoist commented: "It's a kind of similar situation to that.

"It doesn't surprise me because it happens to players, it happens in management, it happens with coaches moving on.

"I think it's just a little bit unfortunate that quote has come back to bite Michael.

"We've all made quotes that have come back to bite us but that's certainly one that won't make happy reading for him this morning."

Fellow talkSPORT contributor Stuart Pearce added: "I think if you asked any manager 'Are you loyal to the club you are serving at this point in time?', chances are you would get a yes.

"I don't think too many would turn round and say 'No, I can't wait to jump ship the quicker the better'. 

"It's a natural part of the game. QPR probably would say yes we've got trust in our manager and all of a sudden the next week he's gone."

And McCoist said: "You can guarantee that is the quote the QPR fans will be talking about this morning, that's the one they'll be talking about."