Scottish Conservatives leader Douglas Ross has responded after fans unveiled an expletive banner directed at him during Saturday’s Scottish Cup tie between Celtic and St Mirren. 

The Green Brigade supporters’ group revealed a huge banner that read “VAR DECISION: DOUGLAS ROSS IS A C***” after Daizen Maeda’s opening goal was reviewed by the video technology. 

Ross was running the line as an assistant referee during the contest at Celtic Park and he has now revealed that he was aware of the message from the stands during the match. 

He told Radio Clyde: “Look, I saw the banner being unveiled. I don’t think anyone could have not seen it given the size it was. 

“My duty at Celtic Park was to run the line, be an assistant referee, to support the refereeing team and that was where my focus was for the entire 90 minutes. 

“Others are looking into this. My focus during 90 minutes is to get my decisions right and I am just glad that on the day my decisions were correct. 

“You know we had a good Scottish Cup tie. Six goals, competitive up until a sending off and that changes the nature of the game.  

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“Ultimately my focus is on the pitch and others can make comments about my role as a referee and as a politician. But for 90 minutes my focus is on the football.” 

The match was shown live on Viaplay and commentator Rory Hamilton was forced to apologise if any viewers were offended by the message. 

Co-commentator Michael Stewart responded, adding: "VAR is very controversial, Rory!".