Chris Sutton has recalled former team-mate Bobo Balde's "habit" of hitting opposition players in the tunnel before matches.

The Parkhead favourite revealed Balde would often "indiscriminately" hit rivals players - especially one Rangers star.

Sutton - speaking on Radio 5Live special 'Housery' - namedropped Balde as he discussed "football's dark arts".

The Celtic hero admitted Balde would target opposition players, but seemed to have it in for former Ibrox ace Moore.

Sutton explained: "Bobo Balde, do you remember him?

"I don't know if you would describe it as 'housery' but he used to have a habit of just indiscriminately hitting people in the tunnel most weeks - just because they didn't like them or somebody aggravated them or something.

"He used to do it with Craig Moore most weeks.

"I don't know if you would call it 'housery' but he was a phenomenal player."

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New York Times journalist Rory Smith then suggested it was more like a "vendetta" Balde had against Moore.

He said: "That sounds like a vendetta against Craig Moore, if he is knocking him about most weeks, that suggests its more than housery."

Ex-Rangers midfielder Neil McCann previously opened up on battles between Balde and Moore during heated Celtic and Rangers matches.

He said: "There was a coming together and I remember big Oz pointing the finger at Big Bobo and saying 'we'll see mate, we'll see when we get up the tunnel'.

"But I've never seen big Oz move so quick, he was running past me laughing, saying 'is he coming Terry?' 'Is he coming?'"

Glasgow Times:

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