Steven Gerrard was targeted with missiles from visiting fans after netting against Celtic in a charity match.

The former Rangers boss was playing in a LFC Foundation event with Celtic and Liverpool legends going head-to-head at Anfield.

Late in the first half, Gerrard stepped up to take a penalty at the Anfield Road end which housed thousands of Celtic supporters down for the match.

Celtic fans had been giving Gerrard a bit of stick during the match - with the ex-Ibrox boss relishing the atmosphere by cupping his ears when coming under scrutiny from rival supporters.

The former Rangers manager then stepped up to slot home the penalty before launching into a celebration in front of the Celtic supporters.

Then, in a sour moment, commentators called out missiles being thrown at Gerrard during his celebration.

Liverpool TV commentator Peter McDowell had said: "This will probably be his favourite goal if it is to be in the Anfield Road end against Celtic.

"It's a celebration like the one we used to see when he was a first-team player. He enjoyed that."

Nigel Spackman then added: "I think there are a few things being thrown at Steven, hopefully, it's just empty water bottles. But he enjoyed that.

Iain Stirling chimed in: "We love a friendly game of football."

Stewards could be seen removing items from the pitch after the unsavoury scenes at the end of the first half.

McDowall then added: "It mostly is good-natured and Steven Gerrard as the Liverpool captain certainly enjoyed his penalty - ever so calmly slotted away."

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It comes after Gerrard branded his preparation for the match "a disgrace" due to a chest infection in the build-up.

He said: "To be honest, I haven't been too great," he said. "I haven't been feeling well, normally I would do a few days in the gym, keep myself in shape.

"My preparation for this game, I have to be honest, has been a disgrace.

"I haven't been feeling myself, I've had a bit of a chest infection but once the game gets going I will be there for whatever Kenny needs me for."