A second media outlet has revealed that it was not allowed to attend Brendan Rodgers’ first press conference since the Northern Irishman was announced as Ange Postecoglou’s successor earlier this week.

BBC Scotland released a statement on Friday evening revealing that none of its representatives were granted access for the media conference, and the national broadcaster has approached Celtic looking for an explanation.

Media outlet PLZ Soccer then released a statement on Twitter revealing that it too had been denied access.

The statement read: “We are disappointed at the decision to exclude us from the Brendan Rodgers press conference at Celtic Park today.

“We hope to resolve these issues while maintaining our right to voice opinion and offer our viewers the balanced view they have come to expect.”

BBC Scotland had earlier released a statement of its own. It read: “We’re sorry that Celtic did not allow us to access today’s media event.

“We are in discussions with the club in an effort to resolve the situation.

“BBC Scotland has asked Celtic for comment on the decision to deny the BBC access to the media conference and is awaiting a response.”

A spokesperson for the club said: “We have raised a number of issues with the broadcaster which have yet to be addressed.”

During the media conference, Rodgers was asked to address supporters who feel betrayed over the manner of his exit during his first stint in Scotland.

“Hopefully in time I can give you feeling I gave you the first time,” Rodgers replied when asked what he would say to those fans who are unhappy with his appointment.

“I don't expect anything. If I get the support then that's great. For those who doubt, I've had it all my career and continue to work hard, hopefully producing a team that plays with commitment.”

When asked about the fans’ reaction to his departure in 2019, Rodgers insisted he has no regrets over his decision to join Leicester but did regret causing pain to loyal Celtic supporters.

“I would understand how fans would feel,” he explained. “Even when I was doing well I would have had critics. But it was an emotional time, the club was going for 10-in-a-row.

“I never get too emotional with words. The pressure is greater because of what we did first time around but I relish that.

“Hopefully I can prove that to those who don't want me here and shift their opinion. I hope I can still have that relationship with the fanbase.

“It was a sad moment when I left. I don't regret it but I regret the hurt it caused people. I understood what it meant.

“That was my regret - that I hurt people who were Celtic supporters.”