David Martindale has opened up on meeting Celtic boss Brendan Rodgers for the first time.

The Livingston manager was assistant at Almondvale when he first interacted with the Northern Irishman in 2018 and he has nothing but good things to say about Rodgers.

As quoted in the Daily Record, he said: "My first game, it had been all over the papers about Davie Martindale being in prison when Livingston were back in the Premiership.

"We go to Parkhead and they had won the league the previous season so they had the unveiling of the flag.

"I remember walking out the tunnel, and I think it would be easy for people at the top end of football to shake your hand and say all the best and walk away.

"I never found that with anyone at Celtic, and Brendan was the leader of that group. He invited us into his office after the game and I always found them very hospitable, we sat and had a coffee.

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"Kenny Miller was playing at that point so he was in the changing room and so I was sitting with Brendan and he was brilliant, absolutely brilliant. I’ll never forget him giving me that time.”

“This is a guy who had been Liverpool manager and he is sat there openly chatting away. He treated me like he’d have treated anyone else, never took my background into consideration.

"I met him over the years playing against Celtic and every Christmas you’d get a card from Leicester City.

"If I was ever interested in someone down the road who had some kind of a career at Leicester’s 21s I’d send him a message and he always got back.

"That shows me the character of the person. Even if I take away the football side of it, I can’t speak highly enough of him as a person.

"He’s been very, very open and very humble. I have a lot of time for him because he showed me a lot of positivity in my first meetings with him.”