Paul Merson has dismissed Spurs and Ange Postecoglou, insisting he can't see anything other than an Arsenal win in the North London derby on Sunday.

Both clubs go head to head in the first derby fixture of the season in the Premier League and it will be Postecoglou's first taste of the rivalry.

Merson is a fan of Postecoglou's work, but he feels his approach to Sunday's game could spell disaster for Tottenham.

He said: "I am bullish. I can't see anything but an Arsenal win. I think they will absolutely slaughter them. I really do. I think they will rip them to shreds.

"I don't think they will change the way they play. He's been at Celtic for too long and come out and started off... Man United had 14 shots against them in the first half the other week at home. Give Arsenal 14 shots tomorrow and we'll see what happens, in the first half.

"Teams are having shots, they are opening the game up, going end to end, it's good football and I like the manager. It's gung-ho football and don't play gung-ho football against better players than you. Arsenal have got better players than Tottenham all over the pitch.

"James Maddison, good player, but you wouldn't take him over Odegaard any day of the week. Not many Tottenham players get into this Arsenal team and if you open the game up tomorrow, Arsenal will destroy Tottenham and I mean destroy them.

"If they play a counter-attacking way, it's a different football match. I am a big fan of the Tottenham manager but I don't think he's got it in him to go 'you know what lads, let's sit back and counter-attack.'

"I just think he's full of pride and a manager that believes in what's got him to the manager's job. There's no point doing what you have done over the years getting to a top job in the country... you work hard to get to there doing what you have done and you get to the biggest game you play down here in North London if you are manager of Tottenham. Why would you change it?”