The Green Brigade has issued a statement following Celtic's decision to suspend the group's season tickets.

The ultras group has been banned from attending both home and away matches involving the club 'pending further review'.

Those part of the group, which is housed in the north curve of Parkhead, yesterday received direct communications to inform them of the decision. The decision has been taken following 'unacceptable conduct' from members of the Green Brigade. 

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Now, the group has issued its response via their A account. It reads: “In recent weeks, Celtic supporters have proudly stood in solidarity with the Palestinian people, while the PLC board adopted a position closer to the far-right British Government, with similar attempts to censor and sanction Palestinian solidarity. As the death toll in Gaza nears 10,000, including almost 4,000 children - the PLC board has shamed Celtic Football Club with their conduct.

“It is undeniable that the sanctions imposed against those affiliated with the Green Brigade are a result of the group's unapologetic solidarity with Palestine. The sanctions applied, most notably collective bans, are evidently unfair; bereft of policy, process and communication with individuals wrongfully being punished before receiving any allegation, any evidence or any right of defence.

“While we expect any fair-minded person will see through the flimsy litany of allegations there are some which we would like to address.

“As an ultras group, known for boisterous support and creativity, we occasionally breach the assorted regulations which are in place to sterilise football stadiums. Whether it be an anti-fascist banner against Lazio or Palestine flags against Atletico Madrid, we have no regrets in by-passing stadium security checks to produce displays that are clearly welcomed by the Celtic support as well as audiences from much farther afield. We categorically deny sinister and defamatory allegations of "breaking in" and "intimidating, threatening and abusive behaviour towards staff."

“It is laughable that "unsafe behaviour" is being alleged of the Green Brigade at Saturday's match at Hibernian, given Celtic officials were complicit in the widely-criticised security operation on the approach to the stadium which compromised the safety of our supporters. From erecting steel pens around the standing section which were later removed in the interest of supporter safety, to actively encouraging pyrotechnic use at specific fixtures as a means of protest at certain domestic kick-off times, senior Celtic officials have repeatedly discredited their authority in this area. In the meantime, the club have instructed us not to liaise with the Supporter Liaison Officer, ironically against UEFA's SLO guidance.

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“While fans remain unjustifiably banned, with hundreds hugely out of pocket for the upcoming trip to Madrid, and while the PLC board is shamefully positioned on the wrong side of history, we encourage all concerned to voice your displeasure to those within the Club who are responsible for these decisions and sanctions.

“Finally, we are heartened by the overwhelming messages of support from other Celtic fans, fan groups and fan media as well as from people around the world who are following this story. While we may be absent from matches, we encourage all fans everywhere to fly the flag for Palestine.”

A Celtic spokesperson said: "To avoid any misunderstanding the progressive steps taken by the club over a period of time are as a result of an increasingly serious escalation in unacceptable behaviours and non-compliance with applicable regulations, at matches at Celtic Park and away grounds over a period of time, which are creating serious safety concerns and other issues."