Matt O'Riley has opened up on his Celtic mindset revealing that a life coach has completely changed his outlook.

The midfielder is playing the best football of his career to date this season and that form was rewarded over the international break when he received his first full international cap for Denmark.

O'Riley started against Northern Ireland on Monday and he wore Christian Erikson's No.10 jersey in what was a huge moment for himself and his family.

On his fresh mindset, O'Riley explained: "I feel stronger. Both mentally and physically, which is progress.

"As long as I am improving then I am heading in the right direction and I feel I have done that this season.

"I have a clearer mind first and foremost. I am more open when I am on the pitch.

"I have taken a bit of pressure off myself. I am not going into every game expecting to score, I am just going into games trying to do the best I can for the team.

"The big thing that has helped the most is just being in the best frame of mind in my head.

"Most people will say when you feel good in your mind it will naturally translate onto the pitch. That is something I try to give a lot of attention to."

Explaining how he works on his mental strength, O'Riley continued: "I meditate a lot.

"I speak with my, I don't even know how to describe him, my friend/life coach who lives in India regularly.

"I work with him a lot in terms of speaking about things, which were maybe kept inside me for a long time.

"I might have not had, not necessarily the courage, to speak about, but the knowledge to just understand how to speak out about it.

"That has helped me loads and it has helped me to be a more rounded person overall I would say.

"I feel more confident and open to speak to people in general as a result of that.

"All of that collectively has helped me to be in a good frame of mind."