Barry Robson was left reeling after Rangers' stoppage time penalty earned Philippe Clement's side a draw at Pittodrie.

Bojan Miovski scored with a terrific finish in the first half, as Aberdeen thought they'd secured a third win in four games against Rangers.

However, James Tavernier stepped up from the spot after Nick Walsh awarded the Ibrox club a penalty after 90 minutes.

Robson was furious that VAR intervened and advised the referee to review the incident where Stefan Gartenmann pulled Connor Goldson's shirt inside the box. He took aim at the officials post-match, insisting it was a 'bad look' for Rangers to get another VAR decision in their favour so late in the game.

But the Dons boss also pointed out an incident he felt the officials missed. Also involving Goldson, Robson highlighted that he collided with Dante Polvara on the edge of the area. The Rangers defender's elbow appeared to connect with the American's face.

Speaking on Sportscene, Michael Stewart and Kenny Miller agreed that a yellow card for that incident would've been the right decision, as they pointed out that VAR will indeed have conducted a 'silent review' of the flashpoint.

However, Stewart did admit Goldson was perhaps somewhat fortunate VAR did not escalate the situation to alert Walsh.

Stewart told Sportscene: "When you watch it in real-time, you have to look at it. We can slow this down, and it looks for me worse and it really is a borderline one.

"Had it been a red card, I don't think there could have been much case to appeal it. But certainly when you watch in real-time, for me, it just about constitutes a yellow card rather than a red.

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"But he is running the risk, he (Goldson) can complain about Polvara going down, but he went down a lot easier on a small pull on the jersey and he's lucky to have got away with it. Had they looked at it, the way that VAR does when they slow things down, it looks a lot worse but I do think the yellow card is probably just about the right call.

"VAR will have looked at it. It's a silent check. Not everything has to be up on the screens."

Miller added: "Michael is spot on. Its a yellow card and the referee has got the decision spot on. When you slow it down and you see his elbow or forearm across Polvara's face you are running the risk, hoping Nick Walsh is looking at the situation and seeing it for what it is. I think he did.

"He's trying to push him out the way, he catches him and goes down. It's no problem. A yellow card and a free-kick. Move on."