Ange Postecoglou has dismissed and blasted plans to bring in sin bins to football as well as plans for VAR being deployed more widely. 

Temporary dismissals of players for offences such as dissent and specific tactical fouls were backed by the International Football Association Board at its annual business meeting this week. 

It was also reported that IFAB has been discussing if VAR could extend its remit to verifying free-kicks, checking second yellow cards that lead to red cards, and for corners, although football’s lawmakers insist no changes will be made to VAR that would cause more delays in matches. 

Postecoglou has never been the biggest fan of video technology, but he feels plans for VAR to intervene further would completely ruin the game. 

He said: “If I hear one more person say it doesn't re-referee a game, I will explode mate! 

“That is exactly what it is doing. It was brought in for clear and obvious errors. A clear and obvious error for me would be if all of us in this room saw something and thought that is definitely wrong. 

“I think at the moment it is going with the majority of the room saying it is wrong. 

“Just leave it for what it is there for. If people look at things from seven different angles and slow it down to the minute, that is not a clear and obvious error.” 

On potential plans for sin bins, Postecoglou added: “Bin it mate. Just bin the whole idea. Just forget about it. 

“I don’t understand why and I think I have already said where I stand on this. I don’t know why they keep interjecting themselves in the game, there is not that much wrong with the game.”