Stephen Robinson has dismissed Derek Adams' disparaging views on Scottish football - reminding him that he once managed Morecambe too.

Adams left Ross County last week after just 79 days back at the Dingwall club for his third spell. 

It never really got going if truth be told, as he left the Highland club very much still in relegation bother.

During his short tenure, Adams made several digs at the quality of Scottish football. The comment that raised the most eyebrows was his claim that League Two side Morecambe were '100 times better' than County.

Many managers have been asked for their opinion about the topic since. 

But Robinson was able to come from a different angle to most others, having managed in Scotland and Morecambe like Adams.

Asked if he had any empathy for Adams relating to his comments on PLZ Soccer, the St Mirren manager said: "No, not at all. And I managed Morecambe, remember."

He continued: "I don't think there are enough young Scottish players coming through, to be honest. It's getting very difficult to put young Scottish players in because you get such a short period of time to be successful. Everybody wants you to put young players in, but if you do that and lose three games with them, you're two games from the sack.

"As a manager, it's difficult to keep developing them. The league itself, with the numbers in the league, every game is huge. If you lose two or three games, you're looking over your shoulder at the playoff position. You win two or three, you're looking at Europe.

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"The English league, there's 20 odd teams. And there are periods within that where you can throw younger players in for five or six games, and you're not under threat of relegation, and probably still not end up in the top six or seven. So that's something we need to improve on.

"There are certain tweaks within the game (that could improve it). The loan system in Scottish football... we've got a young boy on loan in Ireland, but we weren't able to bring him back and loan him somewhere else, because he had played one game in the cup for us. There are certain things with which the SFA could help. They have spoken to us about that and actually asked us. 

"In terms of the quality of the game? There's bad games everywhere."