Kris Boyd took aim at the Scottish FA last night after St Mirren were denied what he felt was a clear penalty against Ross County.

The Rangers hero quipped that Buddies boss Stephen Robinson will be 'buzzing' in a few weeks when the SFA admits an error was made by the on-field officials, and VAR for missing the flashpoint.

As the game headed for half-time, a long ball from St Mirren goalkeeper Zach Hemming appeared to be handled by County's Ryan Leak inside his own area.

The visitors claimed for a spot-kick, but Chris Graham waved play on. 

Greg Aitken was on VAR duty for the game, but he did not send the referee to the pitchside monitor for a closer look.

Boyd was left totally bemused by the situation, insisting it was a clear and obvious mistake not to award a penalty, as he criticised the SFA.

Reacting at half-time, Boyd told Sky Sports: "I know Greg Aitken is on VAR. That ball travels a long, long way. His hand is above his head. I can't understand why that has not been given as a penalty kick. Clearly off his hand onto his head.

"VAR was brought in for clear and obvious. That is a clear and obvious handball. You are lost for words with it. I can understand when some teams say 'Oh that is a penalty to them and then it is not given' but that is a penalty all day long.

"They've got it wrong but it will be fine because the SFA will come out in a couple of weeks and say they've got it wrong. I am sure Stephen Robinson will be buzzing with that."

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It comes just a fortnight after the independent review panel from the second round of Premiership fixtures found 13 errors had been made in relation to the usage of VAR.

Ian Crocker offered a further explanation in his commentary of the game which finished 1-1 in the Highlands.

He said: "Just going back to that big penalty shout at the end of the first half. The VAR check was purely for the shirt pull and they did not look for a handball."