A detective has slammed the ‘senseless’ violence ‘tied to football and religious animosity’ after two Rangers fans brutally attacked a Celtic supporter in Glasgow.

Jordan James Adam, 27, and Richard Love, 26, pounced on the victim while they were on a train returning home from an Old Firm match on February 2, 2022.

We previously reported that the pair both pleaded guilty to the serious assault of the man, as well as to threatening and abusive behaviour at Glasgow Sheriff Court on Tuesday, January 30.

They were given three years and nine months in prison as well as a seven-year Football Banning Order.

In the aftermath of the sentencing, British Transport Police Investigating officer DC Thomas Gallagher has spoken out against the ‘utterly unacceptable’ actions carried out on that day.

He said: “The sentence handed out underscores that violence tied to football and religious animosity is utterly unacceptable.

“We hold a firm stance against such behaviour in any setting, and I hope that the result in this case demonstrates that senseless violence will not be tolerated.”

The court heard that before the horrific ordeal, Adam and Love boarded a train at Glasgow Queen Street.

The victim, a man in his 40s, then got on the same train at Shettleston.

He sat behind them, and Adam and Love erupted into football chants which turned abusive, and a verbal altercation began.

Shortly afterwards, Adam lunged toward the victim and attacked him before Love punched him in the head and upper body.

 Other passengers then had to intervene to physically remove the violent pair from the victim.

After that, the man moved into the next carriage. He left the train at Easterhouse, but Love followed him and knocked him to the ground.

He then punched him repeatedly as he lay helplessly on the ground before Adam ran over, stamping on the victim’s head and knocking him unconscious.

The Celtic fan was then rushed to hospital with horrific injuries.

A CT scan showed he had a bleed on the brain as well as bruising to the right side of his brain, with the injuries requiring long-term specialist input and affecting their ability to drive.

At the hearing at Glasgow Sheriff Court, sheriff Tom Hughes told them: "This is an appalling set of circumstances arising from a football match.

"Looking at you both, you are not stupid people who are involved in trouble to a great extent - you hold down good jobs.

"Here you are appearing at court facing very serious consequences as a result of what you did to someone else and for what? A football match?

"I hope the message is clear to other people that find themselves in a similar position to you that the courts will not tolerate mindless violence.

"You are lucky you are not at the High Court facing more serious charges than you are."