Ollie Watkins could not believe what he was hearing as John McGinn told him straight over his wishes for England to lose.

The Aston Villa teammates were at odds over their views on the rivalry between Scotland and England.

Filmed by the Premier League club for their social media channels, the clip shows both the England striker and Scotland talisman discussing how they feel about each other's nations fortunes on the international stage.

And McGinn told his club teammate straight that while he wants him to do well, he still wants England to lose despite his involvement. 

The 29-year-old joked with the striker that he would want him to 'score three but get beat 4-3'. 

Watkins, who started in the absence of the injured Harry Kane as the Three Lions lost against Brazil at Wembley last night, insists he would always cheer on Scotland purely because of McGinn. 

But the former St Mirren and Hibernian midfielder could not pretend to share the same sentiment , as he highlighted the reasons for his desire for England to lose.

The video begins with Watkins saying: "I want Ginny to win if we're not playing against them."

Clearly surprised, McGinn said: "Do you?"

Watkins: "Not the competition, I mean his game."

McGinn came back in: "But you want Scotland to win? When you're watching Scotland?"

Watkins replied: "Yeah. If you're playing, I don't want you to lose."

Straight to the point, McGinn said: "I would want you to get beat if you were playing for England."

A confused Watkins said: "What? Why?"

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McGinn explained: "Mate, in Scotland right, you need to watch it on the tele. So you put on channel three, mate, it's like all English pundits, all English commentators saying 'us'. And you're like: 'We're paying our TV licence here,' know what I mean?

"Get some new pundits, new commentators and then we can maybe wnat you to do better. But it's a rivalry mate."

Watkins aired his view: "You're my teammate, I want you to do well."

McGinn: "Aye, I hope you score three and get beat 4-3."

Watkins: "Nah."

McGinn: "Mate, I'm just being honest with you there."