Neil Lennon has branded the fallout over Rangers' badge defacing the Hearts crest a 'non-story'. 

The Celtic legend believes the situation has been blown out of proportion after Sunday's Sky Sports Cup final between Rangers and Partick Thistle. 

Jo Potter's side ran out comfortable 4-1 winners at Tynecastle, as they took their first steps to achieving a potential treble this season.

After the game, photos emerged from inside the home dressing room at the stadium, which was occupied by the winners.

It became apparent that Rangers had placed their own branding on the floor space of the dressing room, with their badge replacing Hearts' badge in the centre of the room.

Hearts released a strongly-worded statement in the aftermath of the event, as they sought answers from Rangers and the SWPL over the matter.

But Lennon could not believe some of the reaction he'd seen about the situation. 

"When you go to Hampden you have your own branding in each of the dressing rooms, if you're playing a semi-final or a final," he told PLZ Soccer. "And obviously Rangers thought it was the same thing.

"For me, it's absolutely nothing. You just pick it up and say 'Thanks Hearts for the venue, we've won the cup and we appreciate it.'

"It's just so pedantic. And then they're saying 'It's a pity the focus has been taken away from it'. But you're the ones making the noise. It's a non-story, just let it go."

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Tam McManus agreed. He said: "It's just a non-story, it's just nonsense. Maybe it's a slow weekend in terms of stuff to talk about in Scottish football. It's a cup final, it's a neutral venue.

"They're putting the badge over, they can take it off after. I think it's a nonsense, I can't believe we're even talking about it."