Celtic's statement conveying their disappointment that Brendan Rodgers had been served with a Scottish FA ban gave Kris Boyd a 'good laugh' this midweek.

The Rangers hero insists the champions are kidding themselves on - branding the SFA's decision to suspend one of the matches as part of the two-game ban as 'weak'.

Rodgers attended a hearing at Hampden Park in front of the SFA's disciplinary panel on Thursday afternoon. It followed a notice of complaint filed after his comments about Don Robertson and John Beaton as his side lost 2-0 to Hearts in early March. 

The Northern Irishman questioned the officials' competence after some contentious decisions during that game, but he has essentially been banned for just one match as his punishment, which comes at Livingston this Sunday.

And Boyd says it shouldn't have mattered that the derby with Rangers was just around the corner, the SFA have opened a can of worms by softening Rodgers' ban.

His Scottish Sun column reads: "Celtic claimed that they were 'disappointed' with Brendan Rodgers' SFA punishment. That official club statement gave me a good laugh when I read it.

"Who's kidding who? A one-game immediate ban, with one suspended, was a major result for the Celtic boss after his 'incompetent' outburst towards Tynecastle VAR John Beaton.

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"I only have one word for the punishment given to Rodgers at Thursday's hearing - WEAK. And I would love to know the thoughts of Scotland's top referees when they heard the news. You single out an official and call him 'incompetent' and only have to sit in the stand for one game?

"I've heard all the stuff about Rodgers' previous good behaviour probably being taken into account by the independent panel. I understand that a minimum two-game ban for breaching SFA rule 72 is just 'guidance'.

"Whatever you think of the decisions made by Don Robertson, after Beaton recommended VAR reviews, the rules directly state that you can't call officials 'incompetent'.

"Rodgers did that but will be free to be on the touchline at Ibrox next Sunday after sitting in the stand at Livingston tomorrow.

"The ban is weak. There is no other way to describe it. It also sets a precedent for the next time a manager decides to call an SFA official 'incompetent' after a game.

"The referees can't be happy and I am not having this theory that it was a common-sense decision, as it means Rodgers doesn't have to sit in the stand at Ibrox. Celtic's upcoming fixtures are irrelevant.

"Our officials make mistakes but a low-level ban does not protect them from that type of personal criticism."